2017 THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, site specific installation, Rabbi Valley, Polinar Wood, Trentino

2007 IN & OUT Ex Caselli Daziari di Porta Nuova, Milan, Associazione Castelli e Ville

2007 CAPITALE INIZIALE Museion at the Eurac Tower, curated by Letizia Ragaglia

2005 RISPONDO, ERGO SONO Dieselwall Milan

2005, INFINITI, Spazio Sirin Gallery, Milan, curated by Paolo Vincenzi.


2017 Shortlisted artist: “Oncology Centre Artist in Residence”. Mater Dei Hospital, La Valletta, Malta.

Academy: Ann Laenen, Pamela Baldacchino, Benna Chase, Anna Grima, Vince Briffa

2015 I –ART Festival, artist in residence at Farm Cultural Park, Favara (AG). Site specific installation for the Children’s Museum di Favara: “Turn on the key”

2014 Giornata del Contemporaneo, Liceo Pascoli, Bolzano. Lecture: “Where do ideas come from?”

2014 Rosengartenresidency, Bolzano, project curated by Anna Quinz, Franz magazine

2013 Artist invited to the Focus Group CKulturA. Project delevoped by the Cultural Department of the Provincia of Bolzano

2011 Visiting professor: Centro Moda Trento, “Arte e Moda, quali sinergie?”

2008 “Who are the artists? Where do they study? What do they want to tell us?” Review: Waiting for Manifesta, curated by Paola Tognon, Bolzano, Trevi Center


2012 Winner Contest Nordwest-Umfahrung Meran, KunstMeranoArte (Meran, BZ, Italy) with the artwork M2 ex equo with Manfred Mayr.

Academy: Josef March, Günther Januth, Stefanie Kasper, Magdalena Schmidt, Jos Gritsch.

2005 Winner Contemporary Art Award Dieselwall Milan 2005 with the artwork “?Rispondo ergo sono”: exposition on a surface of  360 mq. in Colonne di San Lorenzo in Milan.

Academy: Wilbert Das, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Joseph Grima, Helena Kontova, Jerome Sans.

2005 Italy’s Representative artist in Salon Italia! In Paris with the artwork “40 Punti di Vista” Italian contemporary group show.

Academy: Eric Patou Marie Amalric Morena Campani e Téa Hillereau-Romanello, Claudine Roméo.

2004 Finalista del premio di Arte Temporanea Dieselwall con l’opera “S-facciata” .

Academy: Wilbert Das, Caroline Corbetta, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Giusi Ferré, Piero Golia.

2001 Winner Atelier d’écriture interactive in Parigi (web – fiction) with the artwork “L’architecture de l’âme”.


2015 Like a City, curated by Nazario Zambaldi, Babylon Open Space, Bolzano | Opera La Chiave

2013 RosengartenFesta, curated by Franz Magazine, Bolzano: site specific Installation Come as U are

2013 Lana Art festival, Hotel ****, curated by Hannes Egger, Lana – BZ: site specific Installation The Bell

2012 Panorama 4, curated by Lisa Trockner, Denis Isaia, Tobia Moroder, (Fortezza – BZ): site specific Installation In the Pink

2012 Fuori Salone del Mobile, Milano; La chiave & Ankh, Fbr Europe, curated by Francesca Ballini Richards & Kids Room Zoom, curated by Paola Noè.

2010 From & T(w)o, KunstMeranoArte, curated by Valerio Dehò. Site specific installation: Feel the fear and do it anyway. Artists: Levenson & Cardinaletti, Hölzl & Linke, Kostner & Sailstorfer, Rohr & Balkenhol.

2009 Selection and projection of the video IN & Out, Videopolis, Padova, Italy.

2007 Work_show in progress (Waiting for Manifesta: Biennali) Galleria Civica in Trento curated by lab_unitn and R. Pinto.

Artwork L’Attesa

2007 Birdwatching, curated by Denis Isaia, Oberrauch Zitt in Bolzano, project promoted by the International Contemporary Fair KUNSTART. Artwork Blu

2007/06 Supercraft Supergift, curated by Daniela Boni, Museum of Arts, directed by Enzo Biffi Gentili, Torino. Artwork Blu

2006 Selection and projection of the video ?Rispondo, ergo sono during the "Muestra Audiovisual de experiencias de intervencion artistica en espacios publicos - Seleccìon de la convocatoria Internacional" Festival Interferencia 2006 of Barcellona

2005, 30x30, Gallery Piscina Comunale, La Copia di Milano. Artwork Riflessioni sullo Spazio


Blu n. 10/30 , il Museo Internazionale delle Arti Applicate Oggi di Torino, diretto da Enzo Biffi Gentili.