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The Sleeping beauty. Polinar wood, Rabbi Valley. Trentino, Italy. 

In a small Trentino valley an enchantedwood, 2000 meters high, is the scenario of the artistic project “The sleeping beauty”. Starting from the collective imagination of the fairy tales, the artist investigates the concept of beauty. A glass case, posed on a base of mirroring steel, offers the visitor the experience of reflecting on the concept of beauty. As an apparition “the Sleeping beauty” reflects the landscape of the silent wood in an autopoietic view. In Grimm’s tale it is given for granted that beauty is a lady… in the artwork the hiker experiments that beauty is a concept that belongs to everyone. If the visitor reaches the setting, after a long walk in the arduous mountains, just looking into the case, she/he might glance her/his beauty. 


Materials: super mirror steel, glass, mirror

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